Saturday, April 4, 2009

I miss you guys so so much

I miss my goldfish so so much..

ever since they passed away one by one, I miss their presence, I miss feeding them, I miss watching them, I miss taking videos of them, I miss the first thing I would do after I wake up every morning, I miss the last thing I would do before I go to bed. I miss everything..

I listen to the music, I watch the videos, I look at the photos, Just can't believe they are gone forever and have left only memories.

Life too short for them, I still remember when I brought them home they were just small lillte baby. I learn how to keep them healthy, I made mistakes and learn from the mistakes, I pray when they got sick..

If I got change to tell them how sorry I am. I am so sorry..

I wish there are heaven up there and I hope I will see them again..

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